44) Annie Hall (Theme – Academy Award for Best Actress)

I was struggling to find any films I owned other than The Silence of the Lambs that would fit the theme of Best Actress Winner so I was glad to find Annie Hall on Netflix. I wasn’t so glad when the film finished though. Not due to the film however, simply because it probably spent longer buffering that it did actually playing. Annie Hall was the first Woody Allen film that I have seen so far in this challenge, and actually also the first one that I have ever seen. Woody’s character was not very relatable to me and I had a bit of a dislike for him at the start but he grew on me as the film progressed. The ideas and dialogue shown in the film are pretty realistic and there weren’t any explosions or gunfights, it was a pretty simple story about a relationship and how it progresses and eventually ends over the course of a few years. There were some funny moments but none really memorable enough for me to recommend the ‘comedy’ to someone else. I guess it is simply down to an acquired taste for someone to enjoy this movie, as it seemed a little too intelligent for me to get my head around, which I don’t like in a movie. Compared to other romance films I’ve seen recently, it wasn’t great, but it was above average. (7.7/10)



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